Legal Tax HR

Our team of consultants (all of whom are experienced lawyers), will be delighted to help you find the right candidate. You can count on a thorough screening of the market, a quality selection of candidates and continuous support and professional advice to measure. We can draw on our longstanding experience, extensive database, and a wide network in the legal sector.

Quality is at times difficult to determine in our sector. We stand out through our persuasiveness and persistency (we keep looking until we find what we need), our out-of-the-box approach and the extensive advice and support for candidates (and, where necessary, our convincing coaching, without however being intrusive).

We conduct an initial thorough discussion with the client when we get a new search assignment to find out what service is required and what the profile of the ideal candidate would be. We accept an assignment only if we are convinced that it is ‘realistic’ and that we will be able to present enough suitable candidates. As market leader, we handle more than 150 vacancies per year with a success ratio of over 95%.

We stay in close contact with the client and candidates during the entire process, and feedback is requested and provided on a regular basis, so as to achieve the desired result as promptly as possible. We also follow up whether the filled vacancy is successful and we make adjustments where necessary.

We stand ready to help you !