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Referentienummer: VL/LAW/2584/20

FSMA Certified Compliance Officer for the Insurance sector with at least 8 years of experience.

Fluent in French, with a good knowledge of Dutch.

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The French Groupe des Assurances du Crédit Mutuel (GACM) has several subsidiaries in Belgium, among which North Europe Life Belgium (NELB), a Belgian life insurance company, and Partners Verzekeringen/Assurances, a Belgian non-life insurance company.

Both Belgian entities have their own legal structure and optimize the synergies between them with as ultimate goal to create a complete insurance product offer for the Belgian market.

Our client’s Belgium division is currently based in Auderghem (1160 Brussels), but their offices will move close to the Brussels North Station in Q3 2021.

In order to reinforce the team and support the development ambitions of the Group, our client is currently looking for a FSMA Certified Compliance Officer guiding and supervising the compliance function of both entities.

Our client is a financially solid Group with his headquarter in France (Strasbourg) having clear and long term strategic development plans for the Belgian market, as well in the life as in the non-life segment.


As a Certified Compliance Officer, you will :

  • ensure and monitor the correct and complete application of the Belgian and European Laws, Regulations, Directives, Circulars and Guidelines applicable to the Belgian Life and Non-life insurance Companies of the Client;
  • ensure full and ongoing compliance with the Group and the local Companies’ policies, procedures, internal guidelines and measures in the framework of the legal, regulatory, professional and internal requirements;
  • further develop, monitor and assess a compliance risk review framework for the life and non-life Company;
  • perform and assess the compliance related internal control framework of the Companies and set-up a corrective action plan whenever deficiencies or failures were identified;
  • set-up a corrective action plan for all internal and external audit recommendations identified for the Companies with regard to Compliance matters;
  • develop a training and awareness program for the Companies’ staff with regard to the major Compliance topics of the life and non-life Companies;
  • ensure complete, accurate and timely delivery of periodic reporting towards BNB, FSMA, Board of Directors, Audit and Risk Committee, SPF Finances, and other internal and external stakeholders;
  • evaluate and issue a compliance opinion for all newly developed insurance products, as well as concerns the product characteristics, the contractual and pre-contractual customer documentation as the distribution model of the products of the life and non-life Companies;
  • take up the role of AMLCO of the life insurance company;
  • be in contact with and invited to the internal governance bodies of the Companies being, the Board of Directors, the Executive Management Committee, the Audit and Risk Committee etc.;
  • the primarily contact with regard to Compliance related matters towards the Companies‘ Supervising Authorities, BNB and FSMA, as well as other institutions such as the Insurance Ombudsman, CTIF, SPF Finances, ….;
  • represent the Companies in the Assuralia Commissions, working groups and ad hoc sector meetings;
  • participate in the Companies’ projects requiring Compliance expertise and sign-off.

with regard to the following non-limited list of topics :

  • Anti-Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (customer and transaction identification and acceptance, flashing lights, sanctions lists screening, CTIF declarations, …)
  • Fraud prevention, detection, monitoring and reporting
  • FATCA and CRS reporting
  • GDPR compliance
  • Complaints handling
  • Sleeping insurances
  • Ethics and integrity
  • Insurance distribution and insurance intermediation (AssurMiFID, IDD, ….)
  • Product development and product governance
  • Outsourcing and corporate contract due diligence
  • Corporate Governance
  • General customer and reputation protection
  • ……

In your role, you will be in contact with :

  • The Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, the Audit and Risk Committee and the other independent control functions (Audit, Risk, Actuarial)
  • BNB, FSMA, SPF Finances, CTIF, Insurance Ombudsman, Assuralia, ….
  • The local Legal, Internal Control, Operations and other internal departments
  • Key persons and departments at Group’s level such as GACM’s Compliance Officer, ALMCO, Legal Officer, etc.

The candidate will report to the CEO of Partners Verzekeringen/Assurances and to the CEO of NELB.


  • You are a FSMA Certified Compliance Officer in the Insurance sector
  • You have a Master degree by preference in Economics, Commerce or Law
  • You are familiar with both life and non-life European and Belgian insurance laws and regulations as well as market practices in Belgium
  • You have at least 8 years of relevant working experience in the Belgian Compliance area
  • You are fluent in French and have a good knowledge of Dutch
  • You are well-organized, proactive and you work in a structured way
  • You are able to work autonomously as well as in team context, on the local and the Group level
  • You have high ethical standards and integrity
  • You have excellent communication skills, as well in writing as verbally
  • You are willing to invest in your development and in the development of the Companies.


A motivating and attractive remuneration package, in accordance with your seniority and experience.

Besides the financial side, you have the opportunity to work :

  • in an international context
  • for a financially solid shareholder with a clear and long term development strategy in Belgium
  • with a dynamic local management team
  • with ambitious support teams in Belgium and in France.

Erkenning werving & selectie: VG.896/B (Vlaams Gewest) – 00078-405-20121019 (Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest) – W.RS.162 (Wallonië)



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